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Cheviot Hills & Beverlywood Home Values Continue To Rise!

Cheviot Hills & Beverlywood home values continue to rise, as seen in the below recently released Market Climate Map from the MLS. As you can see below, the median sale price for westside areas such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Culver City, Palms Mar Vista, Beverlywood and Cheviot Hills continues to steadily increase. These figures indicate that home values are at an all time high since the recession, making it a great time to consider selling in west Los Angeles. Cheviot Hills & Beverlywood home values

Cheviot Hills & Beverlywood home values 2

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The Ben Lee Team Has A New Addition!

ben lee team
Casey Lang: The Latest Ben Lee Team Member
Even though I was really excited to be ranked #10 internationally last year, I still find myself spending an inordinate amount of time contemplating how I can still take my business to the next level. One of the areas I kept turning over in my head was technology.  I think the MTV generation (mine) just missed getting in on the ground floor of learning all the ins and outs of the internet and how best to utilize it to maximize business and marketing. It’s almost as though if you can remember a time before the internet existed and you aren’t naturally a computer whiz, you’re basically just the old dog trying to learn new tricks.
I’m happy to say that I’ve added a new member to the Ben Lee Properties team to usher my local real estate practice onto the global superhighway. A native of Sydney, Australia, Casey Lang, our new Digital Marketing Specialist, brings to the team years of experience in both marketing and real estate. She’s an expert in search engine optimization and knows everything there is to know about all things internet. She’ll shoot videos of all of my listings and put them up on the web for everyone from people in town or their friends in France to take virtual tours. She’ll also help run all the social media pages and keep getting the brand out there so when people consider selling or buying properties, they’ll remember the Ben Lee Properties team and all the great people that are a part of that.
So, welcome, Casey! #gladtohaveyouonboard

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Cheviot Hills Fun Fact: Dedicated Rancho Park Benches

Rancho Park Bench
Have you ever walked past this bench at Rancho Park and wondered who it is in honor of? Look no farther than my family! Victoria Harris is my wife’s grandmother who moved to Cheviot Hills from London in 1942.
The Harris family chose this neighborhood because it reminded them most of their English heritage. They settled on Glenbarr Avenue and lived in that same house for 65 years, hosting Sunday high teas every week for family, friends and neighbors. On the occasion of Victoria (or “Mimi” as her family affectionately called her) turning 100, a bench was dedicated in her honor and her devotion to the neighborhood of Cheviot Hills.
If you are interested in dedicating a bench at Rancho Park for one of your loved ones, call (310) 837-5186 for more information.

Cheviot Hills Has The Best Neighbors!

The best neighbors 1

Cheviot Hills has the best neighbors! This past weekend, a rather special thing occurred.  My wife Lilli and I threw a party to thank and honor my past and present clients. People who helped make my real estate business thrive and who entrusted me to help them either sell or buy properties.

The best neighbors 2

What struck me as particularly remarkable was that this party didn’t feel populated with clients. Each person who entered our home and greeted my wife and I with warm hugs and enormous smiles somehow went from being work associates to cherished friends.  Each of my ‘clients’ came to this party because there was a solid bond between us, one that made me so proud. A connection that was made that altered the original relationship and propelled it from professional to familial.

The best neighbors 3

Guests included Susan, a Cheviot Hills seller who was anxious to meet my mother-in-law because she had been friends with her brother back at Hamilton High.  There was Peter and Jilda who used me to lease their home in Cheviot and then recommended me to their kids when it was time to sell in Beverlywood and buy something new in Cheviot. Peter, Jilda and their daughter and son-in-law all came to the party, so happy to raise a glass with me, not to toast their real estate transactions, but to say ‘cheers’ to our friendship.  A handful of couples that were in attendance were busy checking dates with my wife so we could plan our next dinners or vacations together.

The best neighbors 4

I’d like to think that this experience is unique to me. I really do believe that I have managed to carve a special bond with the majority of the people I have worked with, so much so that the line between ‘client’ and ‘friend’ has been blurred.  I love that  my ‘client appreciation party’ needs a new kind of title to reflect that the people I’ve worked with have surpassed the rather cold title of ‘client’ and can come into my home, enjoy my food, share my wine, meet my kids and go from being business connections to becoming a part of the family.

The best neighbors 5

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Boys of Summer


Looking at my boys is like looking in a mirror so there’s no doubt they are my genetic offspring, however, sometimes their interests are so different than mine, it’s easy to wonder how we can actually be related. When I was the age of my eldest, all I cared about was seeing bands. I wasn’t too into sports (that came later when I discovered water polo in high school) but when it came to seeing concerts, I was a boy obsessed. My father took me to my first arena show in 1987: Pink Floyd at the LA Sports Arena and I loved every second of it. Seeing all the fans, sharing in the excitement of watching idols take the stage, hearing those first guitar notes and witnessing the amazing light shows Pink Floyd was famous for. Feeling those voices float above each of the thousands of people who were all experiencing it together.

After that fateful evening, I made it my mission to get tickets for all the great shows that came to town. The Rolling Stones and the Who were two of my favorites but sometimes it was even more fun to go to the secret shows: like Stone Temple Pilots at the Viper Room or catching Jane’s Addiction at the Roxy, so close to the stage you could practically reach out and touch them. Seeing shows was my everything.

This is not to say that my boys don’t appreciate music. They’re trying and still learning. When I drive them around town, they listen to and seem to enjoy much of the classic rock I was raised on so I’m hopeful they’ll at least get a balance to all the Top 40 (junk ?) and Broadway stuff my wife subjects

them to. What flabbergasts yet comforts me is the same razor focus I applied to seeing rock shows is now presenting itself in our son, Mason. He absolutely shares that same intensity I channeled into getting tickets but instead of heading to see a band at the Fabulous Forum or Rose Bowl, Mason’s tickets are to cheer for his idols: the boys in blue at Dodger Stadium.

Attempting to get seats this year for Opening Day at Dodger’s Stadium reminded me of all those stressful times back in the 90s, wracking my brain over how to see Nirvana. Mason loves the Dodgers just as much as I loved Kurt Cobain so I understood his need to get there no matter what. We thought of everyone we knew who could help and pored over the various online ticket sites looking for deals. We analyzed seat locations (he’s as specific with where he prefers to sit as I once was), calculated risk of truancy and did everything short of sleeping out on the sidewalk overnight and getting a wristband at the local Ticketmaster.

In the end, we hit the homerun and managed to snag some tickets and, just like my father did for me many years ago, I have made my son’s dream come true. Whether the Dodgers win or lose on April 6, I know that the memories my son has from that Opening Day will last a lifetime. Seeing all the fans, sharing in the excitement of watching his idols take the stage/mound/outfield. Hearing that first crack of the bat and witnessing the amazing camaraderie his beloved Dodgers are famous for. Catching a foul ball would certainly be nice, too.

I might not understand his preference of seeing baseball over bands and maybe passions skip generations. One thing is for sure, though: I’m happy when I can indulge my son’s enthusiasm and even happier relishing the times I can share with him. Speaking of relish… another Dodger Dog, please!


Ben Lee Properties Update 04/06/2015


You know that house I had on the market for $1,199,000 in Beverlywood on Cisco? Well, all it took was one rainy open house and 14 offers later (most of which above asking), we are in escrow. The point being: the inventory for homes in this price range is particularly low so if you have been on the fence about selling, right now happens to be a superb time to take the plunge.

This weekend I invite you to check out a modern home in Mar Vista that was just reduced. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

Best, Ben

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